7 Reasons Your Office is Disorganized

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Get Your Mind Out of The Clutter

TheDo you struggle with a cluttered workspace?

Are you surrounded by piles, half-done projects and boxes of unknown contents?

How did you end up with so much stuff?

There are many different reasons for disorder and chaos.

Identifying your mental block may be an essential step to getting your office organized. When your office functions well you’ll get more work accomplished.

Here Are 7 Characteristics That Often Lead To Disorganization.

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#1: The Perfectionist

This surprises some. They think someone who wants everything perfect should have a neat and tidy office, not a cluttered one.

Wanting things to be the best is an admirable pursuit.

Too often perfectionism can be a self-defeating thought pattern that drives you to try to achieve unrealistically high standards.

Is your goal to have an office that looks like it belongs in a magazine or one that functions well?

Perfectionism becomes an obstacle when it stops…

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Your “Glory Days” May Lie Ahead

Refined by Age ™

windshield mirror

Where do your “glory days” lie? In the windshield or the rear view mirror?

I made up my mind a long time ago: I am not going to live in the past – only telling people who I used to be because my present life is not worth mentioning. I am not going to make the mainstay of conversations on bygone days because the best of me lies in the past. I am not going to give up any ground I’ve earned in the present moment; it will have to be taken from me. In fact, I am not going to just stand my ground – I am going to move forward as I age. And, I most certainly am not going to live precariously through the lives of other people – real or on television.

Life has shown many of us that this mindset is easier said than kept over the long…

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Special Needs Siblings Have Special Needs Too

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Lead with Your Passion

Lead with Your Passion.

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Friendship is one of the sweetest joys of life.

Many may have failed beneath the bitterness of their trial had they not found a friend.

Charles Spurgeon.

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A Persian Proverb

He who knows not.

And knows not that he knows not.

Is a fool….shun him.

He who knows not,

And knows that he knows not

Is a child…..teach him.

He who knows.

And knows not that he knows.

Is asleep…..wake him.

He who knows.

And knows that he knows.

Is wise…..follow him.

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Give God Time

Make an appointment with God every day and then keep it as if you were meeting the most important person in the world.     Bruce & Stan

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